About the company:

Our Elements Jewellery company cooperates successfully since the 2012 directly with the producers of the precious stones throughout Asia and Africa, therefore we negotiate the least prices for the unprocessed stones. Further, the experienced experts select the raw materials of the best quality, and pass on these materials to our faceters, which use our own equipment, in order to produce the first-class processed brilliants, emeralds, sapphires, and other gemstones. As the result of this process, we are ready to offer for you the precious stones at the least prices, which fact there use already the hundreds of our permanent partners throughout the entire world, during already four years. At the given moment of the time, we have already the offices in  Moscow and on the Bali island.

During the 2015, we have entered into the market of the made-to-order finished jewellery products. Now, we are opening our own shop on the Bali island within the Indonesia country, which will offer for our customers the wide assortment of the high quality products at the prices from the manufacturer.

You may order any jewellery product or precious stone, which will be confirmed by the necessary certificates GIA and documents. We guarantee the price, which is less than the price from the competitors, and the delivery of your order is possible into any place of the world.

Our brands.


Our professional team of jewelry designers has developed a range of unique brands. Each band symbolizes an exclusive approach to neat jewelry workmanship.

You are welcome to have a look at:

Elements Majestic – exclusive collection of jewelry. For many years our best jewelry designers have been watching the product line of world-known jewelry House of TIFFANY. Such professional experience made it possible to create pieces of jewelry no worse than, and, in some aspects, even better than TIFFANY & CO.

Elements Grand – one more exclusive collection of jewelry. Each jewelry designer is familiar with the French House of Cartier It was the output of the House of Cartier that inspired our first-rate designers to create Elements Grand inexpressible series, which embodies the best pieces of jewelry art.

Elements Simples – a special brand of jewelry, which empresses with its simplicity and elegancy. Take a good look at these splendid pieces of jewelry art. It is in this collection that a beauty of each stone fascinates you with its splendor.

Elements Style – this brand has been developed in order to unite the best experience of our designers and jewelers. Each jewelry peace of this collection pleasures both to the one who wears it, as to those who enjoy its look remotely.

Elements Luxury – a special brand with a strong and unique character. The jewelry from this collection can be considered as exclusive pieces of art. Such stunning jewelry item requires a special occasion both to purchase it and wear it.

Elements Men – the jewelry for men. Each piece of jewelry from this collection was thought through to the last detail to reflect tastes of both men, and women, who will enjoy the exceptional image of man’s power.

Elements Women – the jewelry for women. The creation of this unparalleled jewelry was possible thanks to a join delicate work of designers and jewelers. Each detal of women’s image will shimmer with new splendor. The most charming features of every woman will be accentuated by our striking jewelry.

Elements Kids – a brand, developed for a range of children jewelry. Like others, our talented designers and jewelers have children. Every human on earth understands that children bring joy, delight, and hope. It is this storm of emotions that our master jewelers tried to convey to the Elements Kids jewelry brand.

Our offices

  • Russia, Moscow, Presnenskaya nab., Office D. 2 (MIBC “Moscow City” IFC “Capital City”)

  • Russia, Moscow, Sadovaya-Chernogryazskaya 23/3

  • Indonesia, Bali, Kuta city, street Ngurah Rai, 120F


Konstantin Kononov

Director of International Sales

Mobile / WhatsApp / Viber / Telegram / WeChat: + 62 878-603-80585

Skype: KonstantinKononovFokin

Mail: Order@elements-jewellery.com