The Gift certificate

The ELEMENTS JEWELLERY company offers gift certificates to everyone interested.

-        The ‘Birthday Gift certificate – aims to amaze your closest friend or colleague with a nice gift for his or her birthday;

-        The ‘Office Gift’ certificate – aims to offer a token gift to your colleague, chief, subordinate, client or business partner;

-        The ‘Gift for your Beloved’ certificate – aims to create a very special gift for your soul mate;

The ‘Gift certificate’ – a brilliant choice for any occasion.

Price of any of the certificates you choose can vary from 7,000 to 1,000 000 rubles.


Details on the gift certificates


  1. Any certificate will allow you to purchase any item on the amount not exceeding the nominal value of the certificate (it is possible to make additional payment if the sum if the order was exceeded).

  2. Each certificate will allow you to purchase any piece of jewelry on the ELEMENTS JEWELLERY online shop, including the discounted pieces of jewelry.

  3. Gift certificates have no time limit. They can be redeemed at any time you like.

  4. Each certificate has its own id number and can be used only once.

  5. If you wish to redeem your gift certificate you only need to contact our consultant.

  6. If the nominal sum has not been spent in full, the remaining sum can be spent on the next purchase. The remaining sum cannot be transferred to a bank account or drawn from the certificate.


You can purchase gift certificated in “Gift Certificates” section of our website.