During July the 13th of the 2016, at the meeting of the council of the directors of the Elements Jewellery company, there has been adopted the decision about the creation of the multinational department for the sales. There has become the head of this department Konstantin Kononov, which is the director of the department for the international sales. At this meeting of the council, there has been also issued the order for all the production subdivisions, there has become the basis for this order the individual forming of the prices. Thus, the future employees of the multinational department for the sales will be able to provide the special discounts for each new customer, which will be invited. Besides these facts, for the facilitation of the work along this direction, there has been allocated the initial reserve of the warehouse stocks, with the total value of 2 million US dollars. The creation of the innovative Internet shop, with the possibility of the scaling onto any other affiliate Internet shop through the API technologies, has become yet another innovation, which they have approved at the meeting of the council of the directors.

Additionally, the specialists are selecting now the most convenient innovative Internet tools for the employees of this subdivision. At the initial stage of the development of the multinational department for the sales, there has been adopted the decision to use the remote personnel, which is ready to work according to the system of the home office. This approach permits us to economize on such expenses, as the rent of the office spaces. This method will permit us to enter with ease into the markets for the precious stones within the largest cities of the world (Shanghai, Karachi, Beijing, Lagos, Istanbul, Guangzhou, and so on).

Certainly, the recruitment of the personnel into this department is conducted within all the cities of the world. The only limitation, which has emerged at this stage before the company, is the language barrier. This is the exact cause, why the chiefs of the regional and city sales will have to know obligatorily the English language. In association with these circumstances, we are opening the first two hot vacancies for the multinational department for the sales: the chief of the regional and city sales, and the sales manager for the Internet shop. We ask all the candidates for the given job positions to send their applications for employment in the English language directly to Konstantin Kononov, which is the chief of the department.

Your application for employment must obligatorily include the detailed description about your successful experience within the field of the sales, and also the short plan of your activity within the specific selected territory. There is embedded into the base of the principles of the Elements Jewellery company the proactive life position, therefore we ask you to form your applications for employment in the form of the invitation. That is, not we shall select you, but you will select us. The first month of our cooperation will become the time for the test, not only for you, but also for us. Certainly, we shall apply all the efforts and resources, in order to completely satisfy all your requests. We hope, that such innovative approach to the selection of the personnel will interest you, and that the cooperation of this kind will become successful. We envision the possibility of the opening within your city of the warehouse for the finished produce, of the jewellery salon under our brand, and we are also ready to provide you with every thing, which is necessary, namely, the personalized training, the advertising materials, the rent of the necessary spaces, and everything else on your request.