Guarantee of quality of provided products and rendered services

1. Our principles fit all the limits of quality.


Our jewelry items contain diamonds of the most ingenious cut (57 facets), and 18-carat gold.


The guarantee of quality

All our products are certified by the best expects in accordance with international standards. The diamonds, too, undergo certification with GIA – the most authorized laboratory center (Gemological Institute of America, USA).


Jewelry items also undergo certification and triple quality check by the specialists of Elements Jewellery company,

Before the transportation of jewelry production by transport companies Brinks and Malka Amit there is an additional independent assessment of each item.

The last, the most demanding test of each jewelry item individually is byratings and reviews of our clients.


You can always check the quality of our products in any jewelry store or a pawnshop. This will allow you to make sure of the validity of our guarantees. All our diamonds and other pieces of jewelry have no service time limits and will gratifyyou forever.

2. Personal approach to each client.

We are ready to answer all your questions. Please, take your time to come to choose. Our principle is ‘The customer is always right’! At your request our professional consultants can help you make the optimal choice of ideal jewelry. 


3. We guarantee the best price, as we are not just a trading company. We do diamond mining, gem-cutting to faceted diamond, and jewelry processing directly without additional expenditures. As a result, you receive a piece of jewelry directly from a manufacture at a price without additional charges. You can always be granted a maximum discounting rate as soon as you become our long-term partner.


Progressive discounts

For our long-term clients we offer progressive discounts:

-for your second purchase, you receive a 3% discount;

-for your third and subsequent purchases, you will be granted a 5% discount.

We offer special terms for our VIP clients. To become one you only need to make a purchase of 300, 000 rubles or more.


4. Each stage works perfectly to the last detail: 

  • diamond mining and gem-cutting;

  • jewelry items processing;

  • triple checking of quality;

  • setting up stock reserves;

  • upgrading up-to-date information on the web store;

  • rendering counseling services to client’s, as well as order and payment processing;

  • delivery of goods.


Each piece of jewelry is supplied with an original gift packing box, all the certificates of guarantee and quality, as well as a full set of purchasing documents.